How not to read a book

It is said that an hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise and when you read a book, you hold another’s mind in your hands. To hold that mind and to understand it correctly it is important for us to read the book patiently. This has become an important topic of discussions as I see a lot of online gurus advising you on how to fast read a book and complete a book a day. I’m amazed how are such things even sold! A book is a knowledge powerhouse and should be savored every minute of the reading.

Why to read books just for the sake of reading? A book will only be considered well-read and understood only if you are able to grasp the ideas in the book and apply those ideas in your real life. If you are reading just for the sake of it, you are going nowhere.Below are the points one must keep in mind while reading a book.

1 Do not fast read the book
As discussed above, this point makes the number one point in the list. Fast reading is haste reading wherein you may miss a lot of important points. Fast reading also makes the reader lose concentration. Good books are supposed to be read with patience and with thorough enjoyment

2 Do not just read the first and last sentence of every page
A lot of people I know, just read a few sentences and go to the next page. They think it gives them a fair idea about what is being discussed in the chapter. Again, in the quest to complete the book quickly, more bad is done than good.

3 Do not just read the summaries of the book

Nowadays a lot of startups allow you to access the quick-read summaries of different books. While I use those apps to get a fair idea about the content of the book, I dont rely solely on such apps because reading only the summary is like enjoying a starter in a buffet and leaving behind the entire main course.

4 Not using a highlighter
Using a highlighter is useful especially when you want to revisit the important points of the book again. It helps you keep track of the important things that you learned in the book. When revisiting the book, highlighted text can help you skim through the important points quickly. It is during the second visit when one can quickly read and skim through the content, thanks to highlighted texts. A highlighter in the form of simple pencil can also be useful if you wish not to use the colored highlighters.

5 Not reading a book again.
If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use of reading it at all. Reading a great book every time has the power to give you new ideas on every read. It also helps your brain remember more. According to research, within 24 hours you tend to forget an average of 70 percent of new information and within a week you tend to forget 90 percent of the information. One thing to note while reading the book again is, one doesn’t have to read the entire content from start to end again. After the first reading, the reader will have a fair idea about the chapters and the content. The use of highlighter as mentioned in the above step will also help a lot.

6 Reading the wrong books
It is said that you must read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all. When I turn the last page of a good book, I feel I have lost a friend and that’s when you realize you have really read a good book. In order to give you that experience we have done extensive research on several genres and have prepared a list of best books in each category. Head over to our bookshelf to know more.

7 Not using Kindle Readers
This is purely optional. I understand that different people have different tastes and some people still like to read hard copies or paperbacks. I was one of them. But with changing times I have realized that reading through kindle was a much better experience than reading from paperbacks. Using a kindle app on your phone can help you read anytime, anywhere and has a lot of other advantages. I have also written a post on the Advantages of using a kindle over a paperback, but I duly respect the sentiments of those who still like reading paperbacks. Kindle can be used as an App in your android or IOS phone or can be used as a device that is sold by Amazon. The device will have slightly better features than the traditional Android app. If you do wish to upgrade to a Kindle device you can buy the kindle devices directly from the links below.

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